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An Overview of Reseller Web Hosting Service & Benefits of cPanel & Linux Web Hosting Services

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Jan 28th, 2019 0 comment

The reseller hosting service enables an account holder to purchase bulk amount of hard-drive space and bandwidth in order to resell the hosting space to third parties for decent profit. It is an excellent way to bring an additional source of revenue to a business. This particular idea requires zero upfront investment and a service-provider may profit from a handful of clients, as a small website requires only 500-MB of disk-space and the similar amount of bandwidth. A service-provider may divide a large amount of disk-space and bandwidth amidst multiple clients at economic expense in accordance to personalized requirements. Hence, it is not hard to find a low cost reseller web hosting company in Kolkata.

Available Facilities

With a sharp increase in online transactions, the reseller hosting has become a profitable business for many web-developers or web-designers who want to offer additional service at economic expense. These days, most businesses have websites and may benefit from a reseller hosting plan. A service-provider may purchase an unlimited number of control panels through an unlimited reseller hosting package and may offer following facilities to the clients.

cPanel Reseller Hosting India1) Bandwidth

2) Disk space

3) Parked domains

4) Add-on domains

5) Email accounts/lists

6) Databases

7) FTP accounts

A service-provider may even offer the programs and tools, such as monitoring tools and additional scripts, received from a parent web-hosting company to the clients. A reseller has complete authority over the management of a business. He/she can manage the plans and can configure various accounts in accordance to personal necessities without the interference of the parent web-hosting company. In recent years, the majority of the web-hosting service providers offer cPanel and Linux reseller-hosting services due to the popularity of these programs.

Advantages of cPanel Reseller Hosting

  1. User-Friendly & Beneficial Features

cPanel runs on Linux based web-hosting services. It is easy to install, as it requires only 20-GB of disk space and 512-MB of RAM to run the Linux system. This facility is available through the majority of the latest computers. The intuitive graphical interface increases the popularity of cPanel Reseller Hosting India or around the world, as it is extremely easy to operate.

Linux Reseller Hosting

A) A service-provider can maintain the site, search the web-directories, calculate the disk-space or make regular backups without requiring the assistance of a trained system administrator. Hence, it is a cost-effective solution for any web-hosting service provider.

B) cPanel also has an advance e-mail management function enabling the users to effortlessly set-up their email accounts.

C) The users also receive anti-fraud and anti-virus protections through cPanel web-hosting service.

  1. Compatibility/Reliability

I ) cPanel runs on all leading browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Safari or Google Chrome.

II ) It supports the majority of the third party software add-ons enabling the users to build robust websites with dynamic features.

III ) cPanel can automatically defect and restart a failed service.

IV ) The addition of DNS Clustering system maximizes the versatility of cPanel.

Advantages of Linux Reseller Hosting

The Linux OS is compatible with the majority of the applications, such as PHP or MySQL. The advance software and hardware applications used in Linux ensure an optimal and speedy performance. Hence, it is possible to receive a dependable service through Linux reseller hosting in Kolkata or other places.

Maximum Security

The advance security features of Linux OS can maximize the security of any website and may prevent the hackers from stealing the sensitive and personal data. The concept of repositories and the advance package-management process along with a variety of other features improve the security of Linux. The frequent updates also tighten the security of this operating system.

Economic Expense

Linux is an open-source software operating system. Hence, a reseller may purchase the bandwidth of Linux at minimal expense and may maintain a moderate price at the time of reselling. Therefore, the web-hosting service of Linux is beneficial to both customers and resellers.

Compatibility with Apps

Linux OS maintains compatibility with a wide array of apps, such as, Magento, Joomla or WordPress. Hence, it becomes possible to use this web-hosting service for any type of website, such as forums, blogging websites or e-commerce websites. The compatibility of Linux enables a service-provider to resell the bandwidth or server-space to different types of businesses.


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