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Now, SEO is very much a technical way, if you want to beat your competitor then always follow some technical points.

  • Find out your competitor
  • Find out your competitor’s strategy
  • Set up Keywords
  • Find out Your Marketing Area
  • Select your Targeted Customers
  • Create Marketing Strategy
  • Create Your Brand Name
  • Create Quality Back Link
  • Use logical or sensible Paid Marketing

Now we will discuss elaborately, why do we need to find out our competitor?

Finding competitor analysis is a necessary step for business growth.

When you enter the business world, you will watch your competition. For an example, if you are opening a new grocery shop, then you should calculate the population of that area and find out how many grocery shops are there in that area. Then calculate the average customer for every grocery shop.  It is helpful in creating a business strategy

So how can you find your competitor? Here are some of the best tools out there:

  1. A) Google Alerts: It is a very simple tool, Once you put or set tag on the Google Alert then you get reports right to your inbox.

Google Alerts tool is a free tool, Here you can get your competitor’s backlink.

B) Spy Fu: It is one of the best competitor analysis tools. Here you can also see your competitor’s Keywords & download your competitor’s productive keywords.


C) Quick Sprout: It is one of the most important competitor analysis tools. Here you can get an idea of Estimated Traffic Score, SEO score and Social Share Score of competitive sites.

D) SEM Rush: It is a multipurpose SEO tool. Here you can get Keyword Research, Competitor Research, Site Audit, Back Link Analysis for you and your competitor’s website.

You can also check or find your Competitor           





2) Find out your competitor’s strategy

Business is like a team game and only one team can win. To beat the other Competitor you will require everyone’s collective support and responsibility.

Everyone want to know that who are my Competitors? It is not an important matter what industry my Competitor is in. Here are some tools to find out your best competitor’s strategy:

#1. Alexa: It is a commercial Web Traffic Data and Analytics website.  Here you can find your Competitor website tracking global web traffic.

#2. SE Ranking: It is one of the best Main Competitor’s Analysis website.  Here you can get detailed reports on your main competitors website.

#3.  Infini Graph: It helps you to find out your Competitor’s Social Media strategy. Here you can allow tracking social media trends of your competitors website. (it’s keyword-based Social Intelligence and ranked social activities by the ‘relevance’ factor).

3)  Find out Your Marketing Area: When you’re entered in a business but do not know what is your roll, then, before you go any further, the first step is just to find out your marketing area. It is very important for any start up business.  Now, the main question is how to find out the best marketing area to achieve your goal… honestly speaking that there is no tool to help you in this matter…. but you can do one thing. You can survey some areas and collect the Data. Then analyze which area is the best for your business.


4) Targeted Customer:  It is one of the most important part of any type of business marketing Strategy. How can you find out the effective ideal customer, who will directly or indirectly help you to build your business?  I think your Targeted Area and Targeted Customers are co- related with each other. Mentioned below are the tips of using geo tag information to reach your audience.

  • Find out Specific Area: Now the question is how to find Specific area for your business. If you are in fashion industry and your targeted customer age range is 15 to 40 years then you can arrange little events at stadiums, airports, universities and malls. The events arranged on weekends are a great source because most business men, Family or a group of friends come and spend time at high-end restaurants, shopping malls. Keep in mind the events should be Telling customer ““why us””? Or Getting business started you may have very little to offer
  • Use location-specific keywords: Always use location specific keywords that help you to reach your audience through Google search. With examples: “Shopping mall in Kolkata” or “coffee shops near North Kolkata Circle” you can understand why we use location keywords. So if your basic purpose is to reach to real customer through website then keep in mind this method.

5) Set up Keywords:  Keywords selection is one of the most significant, valuable activities in the search engine marketing. Here are some tools using which you can find best keywords for your website:

  • Google Adwords Research Tool : Keyword Planner is a free Adwords tool that helps you to build Search Network campaigns by finding keyword ideas and estimating how they may perform.


  • Word Tracker’s Free Tool: It is another keywords tool to find right keywords for your website.

  • Google Suggest: It also offers a nice idea to research keywords. For example, go to the Google search bar & when you start typing a word, Google starts showing the related most popular queries in the drop down menu.


You can also follow some popular website  for get an idea keywords research.

  • http://www.keyworddiscovery.com/search.html
  • https://goodkeywords.com/
  • http://tools.seobook.com/keyword-tools/seobook/



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