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Maximum Traffic with Minimum Effort through Responsive Website and SEO

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Nov 9th, 2017 0 comment

Website ranking in the search engine depends on website optimization. A website optimization is a vital part. The website optimization process is used for improving the performance of a website. The process is a combination of some sub-processes like imagining the change, identification of the variables, measuring the results, determine the changes to improve, test the changes etc.

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In website optimization, the web development, designing, navigation, testing the changes and the search engine optimization plays a vital role. When the case of web development is considered, the responsive website development is more in demand than the conventional website development.

What is the difference between a normal website and responsive website?

In case of a normal website, when the website is seen on a mobile device or similar equipment, the pages get squeezed from the original and I hardly in a condition for any use. A responsive website is that will adjust in any sized device for the normal and usual view of the website.

responsive website

In the responsive websites, the navigation part is far better than the normal website. Better website navigation is the one that helps viewers to love the access of the site and that in turn is useful for the business.

Not only the smartphones or the other mobile devices, the responsive website is well seen on any other types of devices, those are regularly in the market. A normal website cannot compete with this responsive website and so are not user-friendly for the varied types of devices.

The above is the main difference between the two types of websites.

Responsive Website Designing Company in Kolkata

A proper web development company is the one who can satisfy the need of every client according to their nature of the business. A Web Development Company in Kolkata at present offers both the responsive website designing as well as the normal website designing. They know the role of a responsive website in the search engine optimization. People usually rely on Google as the trusted search engine and Google offers some guidelines in the page ranking procedure, where the responsive web designing is a part of that. So, a responsive website is better for the SEO also.

A Responsive Website Designing Company in Kolkata will guide you how the modern day website is affecting the SEO part in details, but one thing can be said, that is a responsive website is at present the best way to attract the viewers and increase in the web traffic.


The best type of website mentioned here is the responsive one, where the HTML and CSS are used to make any website appealing and eye-catchy on any device including mobile phone, desktop, and laptop. With these latest techniques, the page adjusts itself to the size of the device screen and as such, it becomes device friendly. Apart from this, all types of browsers support the responsive website and as accessed from every device, there is no requirement of creating multiple websites for a single business, suiting each device. Maximum traffic with minimum effort is what a proper website optimization can provide through responsive website and SEO.


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