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Web design Let’s define a website that can be rated as user friendly. What it needs to have : Perfect look and feel, Ease of Navigation, Interactive, Easy and Fast Opening of web pages.

At PRISMHUB, it’s ensured that we provide the best of facilities for Customer’s Satisfaction by making a unique and sleek design so that it gives the customer just the kind of look he desires. Your promotion is our aim.

As a complete Web Solutions Company we offer Customer-oriented web design services and more importantly, deliver them effectively. Whether you are a small business or a large corporate, PRISMHUB helps you to achieve an online presence to give cutting edge to your business. We specialize in building Custom web design, Professional web design, E-commerce web design and Corporate web design, new web design or redesigning of sites and other rich Web Applications. If your goal is to provide Information, Products, E-commerce or Online services, we ensure that the visitors to your site enjoy an informative, user-friendly and interactive experience. We utilize the skills of our Designers, Experienced Specialist Programmers, SEO Specialists and Business Management Experts.

A website is an assortment of web pages. These web pages could be more or less in numbers. Website is accessible through World Wide Web on the Internet. The pages of a website will be accessed from a universal root URL, the homepage or index page, and usually reside on the indistinguishable substantial server. The URLs of the pages systematize them into a pecking order, although the hyperlinks between them have power over to the reader is memorable with the overall construction.

Websites are written in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and are acquiescence using particular software called Web Browsers. HTML is used in designing the website that describes how pages of Text, Graphics, and other information are organized, formatted, and linked in a website. HTML pages are the standard interface to the Internet. The electronic pages that make up a website may be elucidating with color, graphics, sound, and heartrending pictures. Each page can be connected to other pages at various points on the page. These connections are called links and are an assorted color than the other text and may also be underlined.

Types of Websites

Corporate Websites: Corporate Websites are shaped to acquaint with people regarding a company or other private enterprises. They may be simple or very complex with multimedia and attention-grabbing graphics. They can be considered as Websites with Commercial Informations. An Informational Website portray the picture about the company and its strategy.

Commercial Websites: Commercial sites almost always contain all of the information and features of commerce. Commerce may be the purchase and sale of a specific product or service by a business or organization. Commerce sites run the array from uncomplicated sites that portray Products, Services, or Member benefits and invite people to contact the business or organization to full “E-commerce websites” which allow individuals visiting the site to shop and make acquire directly on the Web. These more refined sites will have the ability to take your order, verify your Credit Card Number and cash availability and process your order for delivery almost immediately.

Informational Websites: A Website that is anticipated to provide information that is beneficial to visitors and the organization or business that it serves. This Website is not considered a commercial site, although it is inspired by some desirable quality of information present in it. Websites provides an easy and economical way that people can understand. If you want to interact with the market by pronouncing and putting something, the internet acts as a good medium to get in touch with the individuals you want to reach without a place of money, effort or powerful links.

We at PRISMHUB are experts in striking the right balance of looks and functionality suited to your business needs, requirements and aspirations. PRISM web design team takes into consideration accessibility and usability issues while building an easy to navigate site. We employ Search Engine Optimization(SEO) techniques to make sure that you receive high-volume and quality traffic to your site.

All of the above sounding expensive? Don’t worry, we are known as one of the lowest priced Responsive Web Designing Companies in Kolkata. Our website design prices are very competitive for the standard we achieve which meets all of the specifications and guidelines as set out by the World Wide Web Consortium (

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